Stop call recording after queue transfer


Running FreePBX 2.10 and Asterisk 1.8 and I’ve got a customer who needs to stop call recording once the call is transferred by an agent after being answered in a Queue. The call is being transferred to an external number. I think my problem is that that the MixMonitor process is being attached to the inbound DAHDI channel once the call enters the Queue. The MixMonitor process then only ends once the incoming channel hangs up.

Any bright ideas on how to stop this? Unfortunately the StopMixmonitor application doesn’t accept a channel parameter in Asterisk 1.8. I think it might be possible to use the StopMixmonitor command through the Asterisk Manager interface as this does accept a channel parameter but this command is not available in Asterisk 1.8. It was added from Asterisk 10 upwards.

Any bright ideas on how to achieve this without having to move Asterisk versions?