Stop call forwarding

I have setup following structure

Incoming -> IVR- >Followme ext1,ext2,mobilephone

the problem is, when caller hungs his phone,the call forwarding already started to the next extensions.The result is that extension are ringing for nothing.
How to avoid this?

sounds like you have a problem somewhere, either in the phone, the networking or the Asterisk version because once a phone answers (and confirms if using confirmation) all the other channels are dropped.

Hi,thanks for your response
I have installed Asterisk 1.4.17~dfsg-2build1 from Ubuntu repository & FreePBX 2.4

I dont think is network problem,probably my setup of call sequence is faulty.

I precise my setup then :

Inbound route - PSTN trunk ->

IVR menu for to transfer to other 5 Zaptel’s (TDM400P) extensions by passing their numbers.

if no user value entered (timeout) then go to FollowMe

FollowMe -> zaptel extension,sip extension (Sipura 3000 with analog phone)

and finally,if none is answering -> transfer to mobile phone by using trink to Voip provider

Logicaly,at least Zaptel extension should stop ringing,
Could it be,that IVR taking over ,and Asterisk dont see anymore that incoming call was closed ?

What config I should post to find a problem?

I found what was a problem.
I added following two lines to zapata.conf for the incoming zaptel trunk.


Now the transfer chain is stopping.