Stop Barge in iSymphony

Is there a way to turn off the Barge option in iSymphony? It appears users by default can eavesdrop on other people’s conversations without their permission or knowledge. As that’s a really terrible thing, I’m certain there must be some way to stop it but I haven’t found it yet. I thought perhaps disabling the zapBarge feature code would do it but it had no effect and I don’t see a setting for it in the iSymphony settings.

Go to the isymphony admin and disable it there

I went to the Admin/iSymphonyV3 module but I don’t see a place there to disable any of the features. It looks like you have to buy a license before you can disable this feature that honestly, shouldn’t be enabled by default in my opinion. Having it enabled and no way to disable it without buying the license is a form of blackmail if you ask me. My only options are pay the ransom or set all users to “NO” for iSymphony.

I really wish FOP2 was a supported module. It’s far better than this iSymphony crap.

The problem, as I see it, is that iSymphony is “supported” in FreePBX, but not so much by the people that are really supposed to support it.

This problem is a problem in iSymphony, and I’m not convinced they even read this forum. I recommend you contact them and see what they have to say. Now, having said that, I’d really like to hear the outcome of this question.

If we’re wishing for things, I’d love to find something that actually worked across the entire spectrum, instead of just supporting SIP phones. There are so many wants in this arena that stand unfulfilled that I’m really surprised some 3rd-year college student hasn’t decided that this would be a cool capstone project. Design it, implement it, put a programming team together, manage it like a project, get a sponsor on campus that can continue to shepherd the project after they leave in two years…

Where were we - oh yeah. Contact iSymphony and ask them what their deal is. They might surprise you and fix the problem.

it is easy to complain, but a bit of research would have put you on the right track. i find it interesting that every expects people to work for free. isymphony was written by people that also need to eat (just like the guys and girls at sangoma).

in any case, as i said in my previous email, you need to go to the isymphony administration portal. http://your pbx ip:58080/administrator/admin and log in with your pbx credentials. you can set/remove permissions for any or all users.

The user permissions in the administration page you’re referring to is disabled. You only have access to it after you pay the license fee. The entire page is grayed out and the iSymphony webpage even tells you that those permissions are only for licensed versions.

I understand the iSymphony people need to eat too but since their software is included by default with the system it doesn’t seem right that they force those free 5 users to give up any reasonable privacy. Would you want your employees listening in on all your phone calls? What if an employee was talking to his doctor and another employee was listening in? Would you be liable for providing the privacy violation? Again, in MY OPINION, they should have either defaulted to a reasonably safe installation or they shouldn’t be allowed to force it into the system by default.

And it’s not about the money. If FOP2 was offered as a module but had a reasonable fee I’d use it. I’ve seen both and in MY OPINION, FOP2 is way better than iSymphony at just about everything. But I’m hesitant to use an “unsupported” module.

FOP2 is not a module. They don’t have a module. They have their own server code and GUI. Install their RPM and use FOP2. Nobody is forcing you to use the free trial version of iSymohony.

Tony, I know this has been a touchy subject with FreePBX. I don’t know why that is, but there’s been some sort of friction between the FreePBX crew and FOP2. I’m just saying I wish it WAS a module. I don’t know why it isn’t. I don’t know what happened to cause the friction in the first place. I do not claim to have knowledge about the situation because I clearly don’t.

I’m just saying that because it isn’t a module, and it isn’t supported, that I’m hesitant to run it for fear of hosing my system and having no support to “fix” it again.

And I’m saying that I think the free version of iSymphony is worse than nothing because of the privacy issues it brings in. I understand my third option is don’t use it, and that’s what I’ll do. But it still leaves me disappointed.

This is simple. i9 the creators of iSymphony has paid to be part of our eco system partner like tons of other partners and manufactures which gives them the ability to use the FreePBX trademark and logos and promote their product as FreePBX Certified also. Every manufacture has programs like this and we have had it for over 6 years now and its open to anyone who makes products that fit well into FreePBX. FOP2 has refused to and sees no value in FreePBX users as he was heavily with Elastix and believes he should not have to pay anything to join a program that gives him access to such a large install base. The ball is in his court to become a partner. This ecosystem partnership is open to all manufactures even ones that compete with Sangoma and part of the FreePBX project.

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Thank you for the explanation Tony. I knew there was some sort of bad blood but I didn’t know the reason for it. I do hope FOP2 comes around and sees the value some day.