Stir_Shaken module in FreePBX16

I installed FreePBX 16 with Asterisk 18 using the distro on the site (SNG7-PBX16-64bit-2204-1). However, I cannot locate the stir_shaken module on the system, even when I open /etc/asterisk, I cannot find the res file. I cannot find a way in any of the documentation to download that module. I also tried a reinstall to see if I could select it, but I could not find it. Is there a trick to this or is stir_shaken not in this compilation of Asterisk?

FreePBX doesn’t have support for it, and the Asterisk module itself needs further work.

Do you actually have certificates for signing?

Ah. that makes sense; I was confused why it was on my manual install of Asterisk, but not in FreePBX.

No. I do not currently have certificates.

If I were to try to manually install FreePBX over my other version of Asterisk 18, would I still be able to use the module (though not through the GUI)?

Yes, though like I said the Asterisk module still requires work so it is unlikely it would work for what you want to do.

Ok. Is there an alternative option you can suggest? (Or thread I should look at)

I can’t comment on any other STIR/SHAKEN solutions.

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