Still on trunk dial timeout

I read this bug
and i know it is closed, i agree with motivation, it’s a nonsense to have 60 seconds.

Nevertheless, my customer need it and there is no other solution.
I would change freepbx sources to manage to have 300 second changed to 60 seconds and it should be not overwritten at each reload
What i ask you is:
How can I make change to 300 into 60 seconds to be permanent?
This is an old freepbx, it will be never updated as this pbx is not connected to internet.


Edit the file /var/www/html/admin/modules/core/
Line 1221

$ext->add($context, $exten, '', 
new ext_dial('${OUT_${DIAL_TRUNK}}/${OUTNUM}', '300,${DIAL_TRUNK_OPTIONS}')); 
// Regular Trunk Dial

NOTE!!! The above line is wrapped on purpose, it did look nice when first posted.

Change 300 to 60, save the file, go to FreePBX, save some setting to trigger the Apply Changes and you are done.

obliged forever, tons of beer when u’ll come in italy :slight_smile: