Still can't dial out

I have my context set to Internal to allow called bestrewn PBX’s but lost the ability calling from * to the other PBX. I was thinking it was the context to I rebuilt it pstn and I still get errors.
This was working unit I did and upgrade about a month ago.

– Goto (outbound-2,6782222222,2)
[2013-05-13 22:22:53] WARNING[3885]: pbx.c:5278 __ast_pbx_run: Channel ‘SIP/7104-00000005’ sent into invalid extension ‘6782222222’ in context ‘outbound-2’, but no invalid handler

I don’t understand sending a call to an invalid extension in context outbound-2. Any one have an idea

PBX Firmware: 1.1004.210.58-1