Sticky mode for overriding time condition

hi all

In several documents it is mentioned, that in freepbx 2.9 (the one I’m using) there is a new feature which overrides the time condition.
The option therefore I found and is called “Enable Override Code”.

But it is also mentioned that there should be a sticky mode, so the overriding won’t be reset automatically.
I quote:
“Feature Code associated with every Time Condition, that can be used to override the current time condition state and then reset itself once the current time period is over. (Or if put in sticky mode, it will stay until manually reset)

But I just can’t find out how to activate this sticky function, or where to find it.
anyobdy has any idea?

argh sorry.
ignore my question.
tried it out yesterday.
Today I logged in again, and the searched settings appeared magically below the “enable override code” option.