Steps to setup remote extension

hello everyone

i am new to free pbx and linux can any one guide me how to setup a remote sip extension in free pbx

please please help me

Nothing to do other than make sure the remote network is in SIP settings localnet.

Please see any of the 8000 messages regarding not opening SIP ports for security concerns.

Simply set up a VPN between the remote site/user and the FreePBX system.

hello sir thank you so much for reply

i n my organization i have free pbx installed on local ip
there are about 50 extensions configured and i need to setup a remote sip extension so that user can make a call to extension number using internet not using any vpn is this possible if then please guide me

I think what Skyking is saying is that there are literally thousands of posts that explain how to set up ***“remote extensions in Asterisk”***. Have you done any research? A quick Google search will provide all the information you need.

i have tried everything but could you please guide me or provide me the link please


please give me the perfect link

That link is pretty perfect. It has documentation for all modules and many common tasks

I think he meant to say … please do all the research and actual work on the system for me.

Yes, we don’t know anything about your application, what we are telling you is that unless you fully understand the security implications you should not open SIP to Internet.

How about you show us a guide you followed that did not work, tell us what you did, how you configured FreePBX and your firewall.

Again, why can’t you use a VPN. With the easy support for OpenVPN now there really is no excuses any more.