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is it possible to create a button on a phone or an other method to give a user the option to forward the calls to a cellphone when he is leaving the office ? They now are using a traditional pbx where they can choose the the cellphonenumber on the phone to forward all calls whe they are leaving the office.
My method for the incoming calls is that they are directed to a ringgroup and then all user phones are ringing. I know that there are several options to handle calls with time groups and ivr etc, but this one wants to regulate his calls manually .
And my second question is; is there an app for freepbx to this remotely ?
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unless i am misunderstanding your question, you can do the same thing on the voip phone as you are doing on the traditional pbx, namely forward the calls to a cell phone. they can do this manually on the phone or use UCP to do it via a web browser.

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To add - you can use the Call-Forward and Find/Follow-me functionality combined with the Do Not Disturb function to get all kinds of this working.

There are lots of ways to do this. I wrote a little script that runs on the PBX server that listens on the BlueTooth “network” and when a cell phone/headset/vehicle leaves the building the office phone associated with that cell phone is forwarded to the cell phone.

On the systems where I don’t want to mess with BlueTooth and I’m the admin, I just go into the Extension and set up Find/Follow-me so that if my office phone rings for 20 seconds and my cell phone rings for 30, the call goes to voice-mail on the PBX. (The cell phone voice mail kicks in at about 35 seconds).

There is also a “call forward” feature that you can use. If you have control over your button configuration, you can set one up to do a call forward to a specific number of extension. One of my customers does this for his “personal” direct line when he is going to be gone for a while and wants to have the office manager handle his calls.

Since I’m not a user and the people I support are not typically “tech savvy”, I usually end up setting up this kind of stuff for them using the Admin screen.

Hi Dave,
Maybe I was not clear enough, but my incoming calls are going to ringgroup .
And my thought was, that if one user uses follow me or don not disturb, the other user still receives the incoming calls !
Or am I wrong ?

Without knowing what you actually want, it’s hard for me to guess what you need.

A ring group has a Failed destination, so if no one from the group answers, the system will do whatever you tell it. Extension handling and queues/ring groups are actually reasonably unrelated.

If you want a single button that does something to the ring group, I’d suggest using a timecondition that you can turn off and on, then let that be your process.

DND and CFW are for extensions. If a call is set to go to that extension, those functions take over. If you want a button that sends all CALLS (not rings) somewhere, DND and CFW are your ticket and can be programmed to do what you originally asked for.