Status of Help icons

I notice that many of the help icons are not very helpful.

Example: Set Foobar Switch has help of “Set Foobar Switch”

I hope that after all this great progress and upgrading that we will see these expanded to be more useful. Many of us have no idea what these settings are for and it is not always easy to find the documentation for them.

You are being just as general in your criticism of our help messages as you claim the help messages to be. Would be nice to know what you are talking about.

Here are a couple of examples of very different but not so helpful “helps”

In Advanced settings:

Pretty Print JSON Responses? Help basicly says “Print JSON Responses”

Hook Time Conditions Module? This one has a great long explanation. Only problem is I bet few have any idea what it says.

Would be great to have hot links to a wiki entry so we can read what is needed to use a feature or setting. That would also help us expand our understanding of the system. It is just too hard to chase down information as it is today.

My taking time to make such comments is intended to be helpful. I often include compliments. Unfortunately email is a terrible communication medium.

This is straight from the Asterisk documentation.