Status of completely busy trunk shown as BLF LED?

i have a FreePBX system with 6 phones.
the outbound trunk is connected to a FritzBox which supplies asterisk
with a maximum of 2 concurrend VoIP calls.

Now sometimes when i want to place an outbound call, both of my 2
external “lines” are busy and i cannot call.
i would really love to see that before i try to place the call.
e.g. a BLF LED could show red when the trunk is completely busy.

How can that be done?

Note: an old analog fax is also connected to the Fritzbox. The Fritzbox
routes a dedictated external number to the Fax machine, and all other
numbers to FreePBX. i did that because FreePBX is supposed to not work
very well with analog faxes, but with the FritzBox it does.

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