Status is "Ring" even if external party picked up?

Hello Together,

i just got FreePBX running yesterday.
Everything is working fine. I am using my Android Phone as SIP Client. External calls (incoming and outgoing) are working fine.

Only one number is giving me headache…
When i try to call that number, the Asterisk Status says “Ring” and i can hear the ring tone… But that is a number where a computer picks up the call after 1 oder 2 seconds and after 12 seconds just hang up.

So what is happening here:
I dial the number, i hear the “Ring” tone for 12 Seconds and then the call gets terminated.
It seems like Asterisk is not recognizing that the call has been picked up on the other side??

The Trunk is not the problem - because i can call that number from another system with the same trunk.

Anybody with an idea what could cause that strange behavior?

Thanks and kind regards

You tried with another sip device like sip phone. JITSI, Xlite…Etc
What’s the result.

What is the trunk? Is it a SIP one? If so it’s not actually the responsibility of Asterisk to detect it has been answered, but instead the upstream provider is responsible and it then forwards this information to Asterisk. A log of the call attempt would also be interesting to see.

Hi Guys,

thanks for the quick response…
It was the Built in Sip client of Android which was causing the problem…

With another client it is working fine… :tired_face::joy:


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