Status don't show up after call file is archived

Hi, I create call file with option Archive: yes and according documentation after file is moved to outgoing_done Asterisk should add status to the call file like: Status: <exitstatus> - Can be “Expired”, “Completed” or "Failed. But this don’t work for me file is show up but without status. Anyone have idea how to solve this?

Your need to make sure that the permissions are set correctly on the callfile before it’s being moved. It needs to be owned by asterisk and the asterisk user needs to be able to write.

I can almost guarantee that this is the issue here. It’s something that should be addressed in the asterisk wiki

You are probably seeing now in the log:

WARNING[87365] pbx_spool.c: Unable to set utime on /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/ Operation not permitted

Once permissions are set correctly you should see something like:

StartRetry: 87218 1 (1584920748)
Status: Expired
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Exactly when I do chown on file and copy with -p it work perfectly.

Don’t use copy, it’s not secure, use move. (mv /path/to/your/ /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/)

I am using a bash script that generates, sets permissions and moves the file(s).

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