Statically assign lines to all phones and move incoming calls to extention to a different button

Hard to make what I want to do fit in the title.

I would like to statically assign incoming lines to the buttons on my phones. I use all aastra 5xi series phones.

I want to have line 1 be statically assigned to the line1 button on every phone, same with line 2 3 etc.

I would also like to change the button used for the user’s extention so that it is not on a line labeled button.

basically emulate a key system so that users can put line 1 on hold and pick that line up on any other phone.

I understand that device-user mode would let me have all the phones setup and log a single user in to all devices to accomplish this but I would like to keep user extentions.

my initial thought was to create an extention for each incoming line then assign those extentions to the line buttons on the phones and move the user’s extention up to a programable button but I dont knwo if that would work or how to accomplish it.

Thanks for any help.

There is no provision in FreePBX to utilize the Shared Line Appearance module Asterisk.

The module is relatively new. It is supposed to work in Asterisk 1.6 though I don’t know anyone who has set it up. You would have to configure /etc/asterisk/sla.conf by hand.

A much better option would be to assign busy lamps to your parking lot locations.

It does not make sense to ‘dumb down’ a PBX. Patience and user training is the key.

How do you do busy lamps for parking lots?

Assuming your parking spots are 71,72 etc simply program a blf to 71 another to 72

The key will light and you can press it to pickup the call.

You should also have a speed dial labeled “Park” with the contents “##70#” this will allow quickly parking calls.

can you configure the ‘sip line#’ buttons to do BLF? I tried but the config doesnt take the way I did it.

I tried
sip line4 label: uno
sip line4 type: blf
sip line4 line: 1
sip line4 value: 1

to get the line 4 button to BLF to extention 1 but this doesnt work. Then I use thed ‘configure my aastra’ program to see how it would do it:

sip line4 user name: 1
sip line4 auth name: 1
sip line4 password: #######
sip line4 screen name: 1
sip line4 display name: 1
sip line4 registrar ip:
sip line4 proxy ip:
sip line4 registrar port: 5060
sip line4 proxy port: 5060
sip line4 registration period: 3600
sip line4 mode: 3

but this actually registers the line and takes it over so the last phone to log in gets the line.

can I make this a BLF button just like I would a softkey?