Static queue agents

I’ve a problem with static queue agents. Perhaps I just don’t understand the handling on the right way.

I added a static queue agent via the ‘extension quick pick’. In the list ‘8000,0’ is shown, but the 8000 is not ringing, when somebody is calling.
The 8000 is a SIP-user which is online.
When I have a look at the queue via the CLI with ‘queue show’, the queue is shown with ‘No Members’.
What’s wrong here?



It is AsteriskNow 1.7 with FreePBX 2.7.
Asterisk version is

Could it be a problem that the static agent is a user, not a device?

Have you clicked on the Apply Changes bar in FreePBX?

yes, I did.

What is the version of FreePBX? Is this a distro or have you built the system by yourself?
What is the version of Asterisk?