Static Queue Agents - Follow-Me

Hello all:

I’m looking for a second set of eyes on a strange issue that I seem to be having with FreePBX Queues and Follow-Me.

We currently are running FreePBX Distro Version 5.211.65-21 with Asterisk Version 11.14.2 and Queues Version

We have three extensions defined in the extensions module - 100, 110, and 120

All three extensions have Follow-Me configured that include a softphone extension, 101, 111, and 121 respectively, and the cell phone of each user assigned to each particular extension.

Currently, no physical devices have been assigned extensions 100, 110, or 120. Softphone extensions are active. When you dial in to our IVR and manually dial 100, 110, or 120, Follow-Me properly executes and rings the users softphone and cell phone.

Statically assigning extensions 100, 110, and 120 to a Queue results in a calling party being placed into the queue but no agents softphone or cell phone being called.

I can provide configuration files or call traces upon request.

Any help is appreciated.

Answered my own question!

You need the primary extension to be up in order for FreePBX to respect the Follow-Me for a queue.

Did you find any limitations using this? My question: We are trying this in a call center environment as a last resort if power goes out, phones are down, etc.

Basically, we will have a softphone connected to a backup server off-site (ext 200) with a follow me enabled to a group of cell phones (10 or so). The softphone is only enabled to allow the follow me to work. The calls will originate from a queue which will not be able to reach any phone except the softphone and the follow me cell phone numbers. Is/Will there be a limitation to how many phones calls can be processed doing this?