Static on S505 Phones

I am having periodic problems with a couple S505 phones being used by receptionists. About once or twice a week 2 of these phones develop static so bad they can’t be used and must be rebooted. Its been happening since we installed them a month or so ago but we waited to see if it would go away. Currently using firmware 1.58 but also happened on 1.57 Server is PBXact 1 Asterisk V. 13.27.1

Note: we have about 12 of these phones but most of them get used very rarely and ive had no other complaints but the reception phones get used all day.

Any ideas about what we can do about this. Thanks.


I’ve gotten complaints of static from our operators (S505) from time to time… replacing the cord going from the phone to the handset has resolved it. The problem has not yet recurred after replacing the cords that came with the Sagoma brand phones.

Thanks much for your reply. That would be great if that ends up being the fix because my client is complaining they don’t like the cords anyway and want something that doesn’t tangle so easily. I will look for a a higher quality cord and try that. Thanks again.

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Still getting static periodically from the Reception phones where i replaced cords. Any ideas on Phone settings or a log that can be checked to troubleshoot this? Thanks.

In addition to the cord problem, the phones can ‘static’ during screen updates. There are new firmware versions that we supposed to take care of this.

I’m not certain that this is a firmware related issue, but making sure you’re on the latest available to your system is a good idea to rule out some things like Dave mentioned. Is the 1.58 Endpoint Manager firmware package the latest available on your system? Make sure you’re on the latest version of the Endpoint Manager module from the Module Admin page to make sure you have the latest set of approved firmware.

During the times when there’s static, do you notice any other behavior issues? Like, screens that respond slowly when getting a call or pressing keys. Also, can you tell us more about the receptionist phone setups? Are there expansion modules in use? How many BLF keys are in use? It doesn’t sound like a hardware issue if it’s happening for multiple receptionists, but it could be helpful to rule that out by switching some receptionist phones with people that don’t have the problem, and verify the problem still occurs with the receptionist, and doesn’t repeat with the replaced user.

Thought we had the latest but just checked and noticed there is a new system and phone FW available. we will get downtime tonight and conduct the upgrade and post our results here after we have a chance to evaluate the issue. thanks.

well after several attempts at resolving this problem, we are still getting this ‘static’ sound on these phones in reception. Here’s a rundown of everything we’ve attempted:

  1. Updated to the latest firmware (.74). Rebooted.
  2. Replaced POE switch
  3. Removed phones from POE ports and attached separate Power cable.
  4. New Ethernet Cables.

Can’t think of anything else to try.

This ‘static’ is not occurring just when we pick up the phone, The sound can be heard during the ring as well which leads us to believe that perhaps this is a memory issue or something because i also recall that during initial configuration of these devices, after several template modifications, we would have the same problem and only a reboot would solve the issue.

Its odd this only happens in the reception area and also wondering if that is because they get a large volume of calls compared to the other phones?

Any ideas please… this is really causing some serious trust/confidence/credibility issues with my customer.


EDIT: our case is somewhat different than this one as the STATIC in our case prevents us from hearing/talking altogether. Sangoma S505 Phone - When making a call the sound skips during dialing and ringing

Also, yes there is an EXP100 on each of these 3 phones with the first page full of keys that either send a caller directly to VM or can do attended transfer. On the main phones, there are 3 accounts created and assigned to BLF keys and also some other keys assigned like Queue Agent. Is there a way i can export a copy of the config for someone to look at?

EDIT: this just occurred today again on one of the phones. Its happening about every 3 days on average. Phone reboot resolves the issue.

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Hi shackbill, it sounds like your best bet right now is to update Asterisk to a later version. You should be able to achieve this with the “asterisk-version-switch”, and then “fwconsole restart”. Staying on 13 should be fine, but I’m being told about an MWI Notification issue that was resolved in versions 13.29.2 and later, which could possibly cause issues like yours.

If the problem persists after the update, there are a couple paths to take next. You’ll want to get a packet capture of the sip traffic to the phone as the problem happens. Maybe once it’s noticed on one of the phones, the customer can contact you, and you can make a capture while having you or someone place a call to that phone, before rebooting it.

If these phones are within warranty, contact Support to have a ticket created and they can start troubleshooting. The packet capture will help them as well.

Thanks i think we have the latest Asterisk version but i will check it again and let you know. I will install wireshark and get that capture thanks.

Update the Asterik version and got some wireshark captures going. Had an occurrence this morning so i am attempting to submit a ticket with the capture file i have. thanks.

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Got this fix for this.

It appears that whenever the phone handset requests a firmware update from the server, the static would occur. so we disabled firmware checking and rebooted everything. Havent had a problem with that in a couple weeks. so if you have that problem, check that setting.

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