Static on Conferences


We are having a rather odd issue on our conferences. Users are reporting static, so the first thing we did was reboot the servers (they were due for one). The issue persisted so we started digging in and trying to figure out the scope of this issue. That’s where things became confusing.

  • When we dial the inbound route for the IVR from an internal desk phone, we get the static.
  • When we dial the inbount route for the IVR from a cellphone, we don’t get static.
  • When we dial the conference room number directly from the internal desk phone, we don’t get static.

It seems like the only time we can reproduce the issue is when we call the IVR from an internal desk phone.

I inherited this system about a month ago when I got promoted from Helpdesk. There’s 0 documentation on how things are set up and I’ve pretty much just opened the book on getting my Asterisk cert, so I’m in new territory here. If you need any additional information from me, please just ask.

This version is end of life, you should put a plan in place to get current.

My initial thought is that this is a codec issue. Static occurs only when dialing a conference internally, if you dial through an inbound trunk it’s okay. Look and see if your local calls default to a different codec.

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