Static IP

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I am new to FreePBX (and Asterisk as well). I have a question. I have DHCP enabled on my router and FreePBX always gets a new IP. Is it possible that I can assign a Static IP to the Asterisk/FreePBX ?

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Yes, ideally choose one outside your DHCP servers offered range.

Yes simply assign an IP outside of your DHCP servers dynamic range.
Click on the “Admin” pull down menu at the top and then select “System Admin”.
You will see a “network settings” menu on the right.

Alternatively you can look in your router and figure out why your DHCP lease time is so short. and most routers will allow you to reserve an IP to a device so you can stay as DHCP but get the same IP every time.

It’s called a DHCP reservation and it is done by MAC address.