Static agent issue


I am running FreePBX v2.1.0 and I noticed a different in this version & freePBX v2.0.1 and AMP v1.10.010.

The use of the # sign on Static Agents, according to the FreePBX manual listed at It says I need to put a # sign after the phone number :

You can put their number is prepended with a # to signifiy that it should be treated as an external device.

This is for outbound routes, not internal extensions, well when I do this, the person sits in the queue forever! If I leave out the # sign then the call will not record, it forwards the call and releases it from the phone system it appears, records it for a split second.

The # at the end of the number works fine for Ring Groups and in older version of AMP. I also now have a ,0 at the end of the extension of number I want it to try.

Anybody else get this working on FreePBX vs AMP?