Stasis app error while dial a mobile phone


Last 2 weeks i have a strange issue when i am trying to call o mobile phone in my country starting with 999. i am getting the below error in asterisk:

2019-12-10 14:37:44] VERBOSE[23554][C-00000041] pbx.c: Executing [99990324@from-internal:2] Stasis(“SIP/454-0000006c”, “bridges-handler,90324,”) in new stack
[2019-12-10 14:37:44] ERROR[23554][C-00000041] res_stasis.c: Stasis app ‘bridges-handler’ not registered

Anyone can help me?

Its caused by Zulu. If you are not a Zulu user, disable the module:

fwconsole ma disable zulu

If you are using Zulu, open a support ticket, we have an internal issue in the tracker to deal with this.

Worked!! Thanks a lot my friend

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