Startup issue: phone drops lines shortly after boot

It staff changed at the company and a bit of help needed for dropped lines issue.

There are a few issues with the configuration, help in finding out why calls are dropped would be very much appreciated.

I get this issue at setup,

[May 11 17:29:04] WARNING[2216] chan_sip.c: tos value at
line 20 is deprecated. See
doc/ip-tos.txt for more information.

[May 11 17:29:04] WARNING[2216] frame.c: Cannot disallow
unknown format ‘’

[May 11 17:29:04] WARNING[2216] frame.c: Cannot allow
unknown format ‘’

Then the lines drop.

[May 11 17:30:37] DEBUG[2284] app_queue.c: Everyone is busy
at this time

Here is a better picture of my “full” start log. The dropped lines are at the end of the file. I had to truncate the beginning.

I can’t seem to paste or hyperlink the log data so here is the link with a space in it…

ht tp://

I don’t think the allow/disallow messages are your problem, although you may want to look at /etc/asterisk/sip_custom_post.conf and see why they’re appearing.

It looks like there’s a problem with your Queue. It would appear the caller pressed ‘0’ to be transferred and everything worked fine up to that point.