Starting a new business outbound IVR

Hello Guys,

I have decided to start a new business. I would like to start Outbound Automatic dialer camp. completely IVR based. Example: payment reminder, new products and books ads etc… I am based in India and i want to start this with in india…

Please help me to set this up and successfully… Commercially i am fully equipped…


So you are looking for free consulting?

1 - Buy our appointment reminder module:

2 - Purchase a 10 hour pack of paid support:

You other option is to do some research and actually come back and ask a question.

Hey Penny,

Firstly, good luck with your new venture.

I am a Sr. Product Manager at a US based IVR/Outbound company. I will happy to help you. Feel free to reach out to me.


Thank you for your prompt response Shankar. Please let me know list of things that you want it from me. If possible i want do the live test this weekend.

I have a High-end desktop and laptop… Desktop is i5 third gen with 8gb ram… laptop i3 with 2gbram… i don’t have server level system at home… once the testing is successful i will think of investing on the used server first and than new one.