Start Prosody

FreePBX 10.13.66-1.
How do I start prosody if it is not running?

Anybody knows how to start prosody?

service prosody start

That is incorrect. Proper way so it starts with the correct permissions is

fwconsole restart xmpp

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The command you suggested (fwconsole restart xmpp) doesn’t start prosody (XMPP). It starts the xmpp presence daemon.
At least when issuing that command, the GUI dashboard still says “prosody not running”

To start prosody I have to do “service prosody start”.
If that doesn’t start with the correct permissions, please suggest another command.

I can issue fwconsole start prosody, but running that command is of no effect.

How does one configure FreePBX or the XMPP Daemon to start automatically? Just recently this service has failed to show as running after any reboot of the server. The “fwconsole restart xmpp” command starts it but why does it not start automatically?