Standardising Hangup code

I’m trying to implement a customised version of the queue callback system describe at

Whilst I have most of the functionality working (having overridden macro-hangupcall in extensions_override_freepbx.conf in order to correctly process the removal of calls from the database), I have noticed the following problem:

  1. Caller enters IVR, and is placed in a queue (DB record created)
  2. Caller is transferred or otherwise ends up in another IVR and hangs up during IVR
  3. Builting Asterisk Hangup command called (as per ivr-* context)

When this occurs the macro-hangupcall is not entered, and as such the call detail is NOT removed from the DB, resulting in some ghost call data.

Is there a problem with replacing all references to Hangup() with a call to macro-hangupcall, which will ensure correct processing of DB (and other general cleanup of the internal DB)?

that’s probably fine