Standard procedure to get HFC-S ISDN card working

Dear all,

what is the standard way in FreePXB to get a HFC-S ISDN card working? (it seems that mISDN is not supported)


It should works (or, at least, be recognized by FreePBX) out of the box (I’m using the FreePBX Distro 3.211.63-10 Stable): If you search through this Forum (on the FreePBX Distro section) about DAHDI and HFC-S Cologne chip based ISDN PCI card you should find some interesting post about it (partly because I asked to support that card and FreePBX developers added it on DAHDI Module of FreePBX). No mISDN is required AFAIK.

Best regards, Davide.

Also have a look to the Tickets opened/closed regarding DAHDI and/or HFC (search for HFC or DAHDI or both); some of them (now closed/resolved) could shed some light about the HFC support by DAHDI and about DAHDI configurations for that type of card.