Stand Alone Install -VS- Distro Install

Looking to install FreePBX on a Linode instance and found that installing a custom image like the FreePBX distribution is not very well supported. Although successful in installing it, the fact that I had to image a RAW disk on the Linode instance means I cannot take advantage of the backup, snapshot, and on-the-fly resizing of the instance. A stand alone installation of FreePBX would allow me to take advantage of using a Linode as my VPS. My question is if there is any downside/upside to the stand alone installation as opposed to using the available FreePBX distributions?

Perhaps you should look at Vultr or another service that allows installing from an iso.

@billsimon has an image in the Digitalocean ‘marketplace’

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The main stumble point with standalone is no FreePBX Commercial modules (or firewall module) or official support.

If you don’t need those you are gnerally fine


I can assist with a Linode install if you are interested. Send me a PM. I actually had some Linode images of FreePBX 15 Distro until just a few months ago when they started telling me I would have to pay for the storage and I did not have a current need.

As already stated, Vultr and DigitalOcean are good alternatives.


Thanks for the offer of assistance @billsimon. I am interested and tried to send you PM but was not able to. Is there a way you can send me a PM?

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