Staggered Ring Groups/Queues for Inbound Call

I’m sure If I could figure out how to search for this question better, I would find an answer already out there. However I cannot.

I have an operator group that is responsible for answering the phones. Their phones need to ring 4 times (26 seconds) first. If they do not answer, their phones need to continue to ring but then a second operator group’s phones will ring for an additional 3 rings (18 Seconds). If, after a total of 7 rings (42 seconds) the call is not answered, it is sent to an IVR.

I am able to do the initial ring group and IVR. However, I am having a challenge bringing in the second operator group after 4 rings.

I have tried setting up a queue and after 24 seconds it goes to another queue that includes both Operator groups and then goes to IVR after 18 seconds. I have also tried this with ring groups.

The issue is that when the first queue/ring group completes after 24 seconds the main operator phones stop ringing briefly. They then start ringing again. This is confusing because it appears that there is a second caller. However it is the first call just moving queues/groups.

Any thoughts/help would be grateful