"Stacking" CID Name Prefix

I am looking for a way to append both CID from the Inbound Route level, as well as the Queue level. I have several different campaigns running which all dump into the same queues that my users login to. I am looking for a way for agents who are logged into multiple queues (billing, sales, support) to have a way to easily recognize not only what type of call it is, but also what source sent the call to them, so that we can better document commission/effectiveness of a particular campaign’s advertising.

One of the great things about open source software is you can modify it to do whatever you want. This sounds like a feature that is important to your business. A good developer could take care of this in 5-10 hours. It also helps to keep all these fine folks that work on the project compensated for their efforts.

Skyking - I was hoping you would pipe up, as you personally have resolved many issues I have had with other posts. SO, to your knowledge, there is no built in or easy way to accomplish this that I am overlooking?

Not that I can think of.