STABLE SNG 7-BX-64 bit-1904 help please in 2 issues

Hello everyone.
My name is Zara and I’m from Minsk ( Belarus )

I first installed by downloading from the site Freepbx 13 (STABLE SNG 7-BX-64 bit-1904), raised 3 trunks, outgoing and incoming routes, created IVR 3 pieces, more than 70 internal numbers.
All well me all likes, but there is to You request even more than request help please in 2 issues:

  1. help how to make that the missed calls in IVR or not answered came to a mailbox .
  2. why do all outgoing calls go through the same route ?
    2.1 and because of this there are problems with poor audibility codecs are used: alaw, ulaw, GSM, G726, but in the trunk indicated alaw, ulaw, when put G726 outgoing call could not be made.

Thanks for your help !

If the caller makes a valid IVR entry, e.g. presses 1 for sales, the IVR is done and if they are routed to an extension, they will get the voicemail for that extension if unanswered. If using a Ring Group or Queue, set the no answer destination to the desired voicemail box.

For an IVR entry that is not made or is invalid, you can set the IVR Timeout Destination and Invalid Destination to the appropriate voicemail box.

If you have sufficient bandwidth and low jitter, alaw is best. Very few providers support g726 and it would be unlikely to help anyhow.

What kind of internet connection do you have? Speed up and down? Describe the audio problems. Do they affect what the PBX user hears, what the remote party hears, or both? What kind of phones are you using?

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