Stability where?, stop having comunications between Extensions every day

Hi, really I begin to know about FreePBX since I had to decide for new PBX in the company I´m working for. I choose an IP PBX for some reasons among which the posibility of new technology was one of them.

Always was worried about stability and it, for some reason, it`s not happening right now.
Installation was more complicated that I thought even for the people that worked on it.

when I believed is finished, since 3 days ago I begin to have problem. For any reason, I have to restart FreePBX server because without any advise, one a day, I stop having comunications between Extensions…tone os present but when i try to call any extension is dead.

Support say me it could be a betworking problem but i don`t think so because infrastructure is al new, net switchs, wire cat 6 certifcated, and go on.

Also, I have not problem with problems related to QoS, the communication simple break up.

I am not specialized on it but I would like to know any advise, idea to know form where the problem could be coming and ask for the solution.

thanks a lot,


And what “support” are you referring to (because it is not the FreePBX Support provided by our services)? What you describe clearly indicates something wrong on your side because the stability of the product, when properly installed and with a proper infrastructure, is rock solid as tens of thousands of customers would attest to. If you are looking for help on this forum the information you have provided will not be adequate for anyone to provide any help beyond simply guessing. You will have to provide a lot more details on specifics.

Thanks for your answer, if I know you are going to get angry and I could not express my self freely, I am sure would not have posted any question!, sorry. About “support” I do apologize, english is not my native language… I am referring to Vendor’s support or local support sand not yours.

I think your product is solid enough as well as the company infrastructure it is too and what I wanted to expose was with the only purpouse of getting some orientation and not for take the blame.

As I said, i am no especialized, I only can transmit what is happenning righ now, … “For any reason, I have to restart FreePBX server because without any advise, one a day, I stop having comunications between Extensions…tone os present but when i try to call any extension is dead”.

Thanks again.

who’s angry? I’m only saying that you need to provide a lot more data for someone to help you. Of course you can express your frustrations but as many of the active forum participants will attest to - expressing frustrations without anything that they can come back to help you solve your problem is unproductive for all the readers, as there are many active participants trying to help users with problems every day.

Please provide details of your setup.

Did you use a Distro to build your system? If so who’s and exactly what version? If not and you hand build it please provide complete details (OS, asterisk version, freepbx version, etc.). you have given us nothing to go on except that you are having a problem.

I can tell you that what you are describing is not normal. It soulds like you have a network problem and/or your setup for sip registrations are wrong in some way (maybe inital registration works but renewals fail? who knows). Are you on one network subnet, multiple Subnets, etc. Each of these items has a effect the setup and is needed to provide some kind of help to you. without it, it is almost impossible to give you directions on what to try and do to help in solving the problem.

For example right now with the information you have provided, it is the same as me saying “I can’t get to work because my car does not work properly. Please help me fix it.” As you can see that does not give you enough information to even start helping me.

Yes, I understand, thanks.

Linux CENTOS 4.5
R2 patch

It is about 75 ip phone, most of them grandstream 100

Net topology is a simple type STAR, 5 3com switchs 4200G, four of them pending of one
one where only swichs and servers are connected.
As I said, wire category 6.

When it happened ALL phone hangs up at same time and not only a part of them
Server does not hang up but i restart it to get situation normal.

Tell me if i miss something.
thanks again

Yes that helps.

First off can you verify that the asterisk process is not crashing and restarting. To do this there are several ways. Check the PID and when you have the problem verify that it is still the same PID. review the logs at /var/log/asterisk/full and look for one of these statements “Asterisk PBX Core Initializing” or “Registering builtin applications”. If the PID changes or you see one of those statements it is possible that you have a version of asterisk with a bug that is causing the problem. 1.4.18 is the latest currently (with 1.4.19 due out shortly).

Otherwise you need to take a look again at the /var/log/asterisk/full log around the time of the problem and see what it is saying.

DHCP could be the problem. I recently resolved a similar problem with a newbies network. Almost identical components all installed by school staff with some MS training. They had configured DHCP servers on two different servers that were providing conflicting addresses which of course resulted in very erratic behavior for all network devices. So, saying that the network infrastructure is all new, really doesn’t mean that it is designed and built properly. Be sure to check all of the basics before getting too excited about asterisk not working.