Stability of Old systems vs New ones Observation

Not really a gripe or a rant, but in observing dozens and dozens (probably a hundred or more) of systems deployed over the years it feels like the system’s deployed more recently within the last couple of years have had to be rebuilt or had other major OS/Database/Stability problems when compared to builds from 2019 and before. The one at our office was built in 2014/15 and one at my house running on an OLD Dell tower from like 2005 that was set up in like 2010 still just hums away all these years later.

I mean some of these older boxes based on older versions have been cord pulled, hit with power surges, hard buttoned by the customer and more and just keep on clicking without missing a beat. Some of these newer releases seem like if you look at them the wrong way, they stop working and require full rebuilds, but maybe it’s just me? After several recent failures of builds within the last year or two, we hired a couple different consultants to look at various boxes exhibiting these problems, and all of them just said the same thing… “Rebuild it and start over” pretty much the same hardware combination has been used since 2015, and there doesn’t seem to be any commonality between failures and the specific model hardware being used. Anyone else see this? Any tips, hints, or guidance to further “harden” these systems. (we already do a battery backup on EVERY system, off-site backups on initial build and incrementally) haven’t had issues with the PBXact flavor yet, but we only have about 6-7 of those out there.

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