SSL for domain name of FreePBX server

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I did allmy configurations for FreePBX. I did not set up an SSL certificate. When I was checking to see what to do to set up zulu on my iphone it says to enter the domain that has the SSL certificate. Should I use a certificate created by the server or should I buy one from a certificate authority?


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I recommend you use Sangoma Connect on your mobile device.

With the bonus that a cert is generated for you on install.

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Don’t I have to set up an SSL certificate on the server. Where do I go in FreePBX to install the SSL certificate. Does the SSL certificate install when installing the distro. I was thinking id need a certificate from an authority.


FreePBX creates a self-signed cert by default, but for hassle-free use your better off generating a LetsEncrypt cert (or using a commercial cert).

FreePBX can generate a LetsEncrypt cert from the GUI.

All certificate options are under Admin->Certificate Management.

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