SSL Certification for Zulu Mobile

Hi All,
I don’t want to expose Port 80 to the world so I cant use let’s encrypt so what im asking what kind of ssl cert I need to buy and from where thank you All

Firstly, you can set in sysadmin port 80 dedicated to LE.
2. You can just open it for how long you process the verification.

Wouldn’t that be impractical with let’s encrypt certificates being renewed every few months and port 80 having to be open for this as well?

The fact that you have to renew LE every 3 months is impractical…
So yeah, you can technically bind port 80 to LE only and always leave it open, but if security matters, then keep it closed and add this extra step to your renewal process.

Btw, I hope someone automates this one day.
There’s tons of scripts online from people who got this done with cron tab running a script to check and renew the cert.
This would be great, and greater if the script opens and closes port 80.

Looks like there is something being worked on:

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