SSL and firewall

Hi, I’ve installed a let’s encrypt cert. If the firewall is enabled folks cannot reach the UP. If I disable the firewall they connect to it using https. Is there something I can add to firewall rules that will help me with leaving the firewall on.

Thank you

What Firewall?


iptables -L -n|grep 443

would show it to be ACCEPTed f not , add such a rule.

Hi, This FreePBX instance came with a system firewall and a responsive firewall. I’ll add the rule.

I’m surprised this rule is not mentioned in the SSL cert installation suggestions.

Thank you.


I get:
[root@ ~]# iptables -L -n|grep 443
ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:443
ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:1443

So to me the UP page should render using the SSL cert. I still cannot load the UP page the responsive and system firewalls are running. When I turn them off the page loads perfectly.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi, I’m guessing this is an Apache issue. Does anyone have any other suggestions. I tried the suggestion above and it shows the request should be accepted, except is isn’t…

in addition to installing the tls/ssl certificates, you also need to have a server listening on 443 and checking against the certs and rewrite rules to send http 80 to https 443

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