SSH Server warning message

Hi there,

I m using AsteriskNow1.5 which is FreePBX2.5.1.2 in CentOS5.3

My FreePBX server status shows warning at ssh server. However, the ssh service is started and running.

What is the problem here?

Please help. Thank you

Jay123, You keep posting all of these real short this does not work please help messages. You really need to provide a lot more detail to get help.

You say it’s running but have you tested it do you KNOW it’s running because you have used it?

Also AsteriskNow is still a Beta and you have not identified which beta you are using, it’s close to impossible to help you. Did you update to the latest FreePBX code when you installed or only after you started playing. I ask because if you are using Beta 2 and started playing first then updated there was a bug in the release of FreePBX that was used in Beta 2 that will cause a issue with voicemail, but if you updated first then went and created extensions it will not be issue. So as you can see DETAILS can be and are very important and without them we can only start to guess.

Please read

Have you read any of the documentation or free help guides? Yes there are almost none that directly identify AsteriskNow but the one for Trixbox, PBX-in-a-flash, or Elastix are all pretty much the same as they all use FreePBX as the GUI just like AsteriskNow. Search for the without tears series. Very will written and address 80% of everything you have posted help requests for already.