SRTP on Asterisk 11.3

My current system is Debian 7 running Asterisk 11.3 and FreePBX, running this system to get a websocket server up and running. I’m successfully able to get a web phone registered to my system however when it comes to dialing out the system refuses because I don’t have srtp running. I looked everywhere for the necessary libraries to install on the system, finally finding a great tutorial that mentions to get the necessary files from, however this link is dead. Does anyone know of an alternate site that hosts these files? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

When you build asterisk all on your lonesome, (and you will need to do that here all the prebuilt deb packages are IMHO broken one way or another), at the make menuselect bit make sure that res_srtp is selected and any depends are satisfied, if you need “to satisfy” you will need to ./configure iteratively.

Thanks for the reply, I initially built the system from scratch and it is functional, although I appreciate you mentioning the packages are broken, I will delve into that a little deeper.

When it comes time to select res_srtp it shows as “X” unavailable because of the missing dependencies. After a few google searches I came across this tutorial: which mentions the dependencies above, however it is a 404 link, I also can’t seem to find the necessary files on Digiums website either. I was hoping someone from the community had some kind of experience building this, or even knows of an active link for the files. As of right now, this is the only part I am stuck at, finding the necessary files so that res_srtp becomes available in the menuselect.

You just need to resolve the dependencies, if what you tried doesn’t do that then try harder :wink: when you get everything copacetic then it will work.

As a hint, try googleing “wheezy srtp”

or first

apt-cache search srtp

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Thanks so much for your help, I realized after doing the search that I already downloaded the necessary srtp files, all I had to do was configure it and then recompile Asterisk and run menuselect once again, where res_srtp now is available, after this simply recompiling FreePBX got my system back up and running, so now I have srtp running.