SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 130 Incorrect file format 'featurecodes'

I don’t know whats going on here but I’ve had a dozen servers take a dump in recent weeks. There are different symptoms but the results are the same, namely that asterisk continues to run but the GUI is unusable. Once the server is rebooted for any reason it wont start back up again. Restoring snapshots doesn’t work either. Most have some error or other about the database. If I see a message about tampered files in the dashboard that seems to be the precursor to this.

In this particular case I can get to most of the modules in the GUI but if I try to edit an extension I get the error in the thread title. I’ve seen half a dozen different errors starting with SQLSTATE.

How can I go about diagnosing this? And are these machines salvageable at all?

That particular error is indicating a corrupted file for table ‘featurecodes’. Is the error always the same, or does it vary for the same server? It might be indicating a disk failure. Then again, if it is happening on multiple servers at the same time, that would be a great coincidence.

On this machine its always the same error. Each server has its own error.

My guess… Disk failure. Maybe it is a coincidence that all servers started failing at the same time, but mysql file corruption would point to that. Can you check SMART statistics on the disk?
It could also be related to RAM failure, but given that featurecodes is a table that is not modified frequently, or even at all, my guess would be disk failure.
If you are performing regular database backups, you could try a database recovery, at least to be able to start FreePBX and then decide how to move on from there.

Sure enough, one of the drives in the NAS has failed. Will replace that and see if this keeps happening. Thanks.

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