SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused in file

XHR 响应代码:500 XHR responseText:未定义 jQuery 状态:错误

I can’t even try to repair the database, who can help me? Waiting online

This typically means that the SQL database on the system is inaccessible. If you are not sure how to troubleshoot SQL and a restart makes no difference then you may need to restore from a backup.

Is it necessary to downgrade the php version before installing freepbx? gentlemen

How are you installing FreePBX? There is an ISO that will install to OS and everything for you without you having to manage the various dependencies.

Can you help me digitalocean
Or do I have to re-upload the iso to the server to install

Hello, may I contact you?

Hello, do you have time to give me a solution, a reinstallation or a command to fix it?

Sorry but I can’t give you hands on support. Here is a YouTube video that walks through getting it setup on Vultr:

I suspect setting it up on Digital Ocean is a similar procedure.

I will install it, but will it solve the problem?

It looks like you have a problem with the SQL database. I have no idea what caused the original problem for you. If you have a good backup and a fresh install everything should work.

Can I add a database to Digital Ocean now?

How do I transfer the administrator I purchased?

or can i ask you to help me

I am sorry but I can’t offer any direct help.

If you have created a backup from your system previously and are using the installation ISO for FreePBX you should be able to restore from that previous backup. There is no need for you to handle any SQL transfers directly.

I am not sure if Sangoma has an option for installation assistance but if they do I would open up a case at https://help.sangoma.com and you can pay them to assist with recovery.

I installed it using the mirror image of Digital Ocean, what should I do? Hey, so tired

thank you

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