sqlite3 patches for FreePBX


I have some patches against 2.4.0 that I am trying to apply to trunk. However there is one file in 2.4.0:


that I can’t find in trunk. Can some one tell me where this file is now?



all the module files are in their respective module directory. So this would be in ~modules/branches/2.4/core/functions.inc.php

The current structure for modules does not follow a standard svn layout unfortunately. (Something slated to be addressed in the future).

Thanks for your reply Philippe. I am afraid I am still a little confused. I am not sure how to check out a complete SVN version of FreePBX (including modules) that I can apply my sqlite3 patches to.

Anyway here are the FreePBX sqlite3 patches I have developed (patched against 2.4.0):


Could I please work with some one from the FreePBX development community to check them and apply them? There are also some PEAR/DB files that need to be checked in, and some updated documentation. Not sure where to put that.

If you guys are busy with other priorities I understand, just ping me if/when you would like to work on sqlite3 support.




I am interested by installing freepbx with sqlite3, but I just can’t do that.
Can you help me please ?
What version of freepbx and what should I do step by step.
I am under Debian an php5.3.7


Thanks in advance