SQL Table recover

hi there,

may it be possible that someone please dumps his definition of the sql tables:

  • ‘asterisk.incoming’
  • ‘asterisk.ivr_details’
  • ‘asterisk.kvstore_FreePBX_modules_Conferences’

Had some file system issues and the backup was also effected (transferring the backup to another system was an open point… shame on me).
However, I was able to fetch all config files (asterisk is working) and most of the DB tables. But the tables mentioned above were not able to recover.

The following commands

mysqldump --no-data -u root asterisk incoming
mysqldump --no-data -u root asterisk ivr_details
mysqldump --no-data -u root asterisk kvstore_FreePBX_modules_Conferences

should do the trick on a most recent system.

The content of incoming should be restorable by the content of extensions_additional.conf, is that right? I didn’t use IVR nor Conferences, therefore the content of those should be avoidable, right? But the tables are needed for the module updates.

Thx a lot.

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