Sql duplicate entry error message

Had a crash this morning, now I am getting an email every minute :
PDOException: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry ‘Dashboard-1475143200-HOUR’ for key ‘index3’ in file /var/www/html/admin/libraries/BMO/DB_Helper.class.php on line 232

Anybody know how to clear this up? Very detailed instructions would be greatly appreciated, I am NOT very experienced with sql.



I really need some help, here. I have poked around, and can’t even figure out what database the problem is in.
I’m getting one email every minute about this problem. Can anybody give me some pointers to track down what database is affected, and how to locate the element it is in?

I searched several of the databases and tables looking for Dashboard and 1475143200 and index3 and did not find a match for those.

Thanks very much,


OK, I got tired of the messages pouring in, so I restored the databases from the last backup, and the messages stopped.