Sporadic "Softphone reconnecting..." message on Zulu Desktop

I did search around the forums first but I don’t see a “Softphone reconnecting…” issue similar to mine.

We recently started having employees work from home due to COVID-19.
Everyone’s Zulu Desktop soft phone seems to be running great but every once in a while we get a Zulu soft phone client that will say “Softphone reconnecting…” and it won’t make or take any calls. This will happen out of the blue, even after the employee has been recently using the phone with no issues and it never actually re-connects.

Our current fix is to “Quit” Zulu down by the time clock in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, then to re-open Zulu. After it re-opens it immediately connects and is back online / working properly.

This can happen a few times a day, or zero times a week to any random user, on any internet connection from slow DSL connections to fast cable/fiber connections. We have 2 completely different VPN clients and the problem exists via either VPN connection.

Otherwise the Zulu soft phone seems to work pretty good, no other issues.

Zulu version 3.4.1
Current Asterisk Version: 13.32.0
PBX Firmware: 12.7.6-2002-2.sng7
PBX Service Pack:

Anyone have any ideas?

I am having the exact same issue with all my users. It works fine for a while, but after about an hour or so of inactivity, it won’t be able to place a phone call unless the app is restarted.

Ya, I had it happen to another employee today except she took a handful of calls first thing in the morning, then she went to take another call maybe 5-10 minutes later but it wasn’t ringing her Zulu soft phone extension anymore. The Zulu desktop app said “Softphone reconnecting…” so she “quit” Zulu down by the time clock and restarted it which fixed the issue.

(She is in a call queue for customers to call into)

Hello @blee @NickName20

I think the best option here is to open a ticket to Sangoma support, so we can get logs from the app / server and check what might be going on.

Thanks again @avelasquez

I did open up the ticket and heard back very quickly, I had 3 email replies within an hour. I was in the middle of other things during that time period, but by the time I was able to reply back to them they had made a change in an effort to fix the issue.

The tech mentioned he had “…made a change with our webrtc module on your PBX.”

I’m not sure of what specifically they changed but if it does prove to be the fix I’ll ask them what was changed so I can post it here.

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Ok, since the fix has been in place (last Friday at 2pm) we haven’t had one instance of the “Softphone reconnecting…” error message.

When I asked the Tech exactly what he changed to fix this issue, this was his reply.

“I just moved webrtc module to edge version Bill.
Zulu developers are advised about this so I think that’s gonna be fixed on newer releases.”

Hope this helps someone in the future!

@NickName20 this may help with your Zulu soft phone issue as well

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