Sporadic FreePBX Setup

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I have everything working at my desk finally but struggling to get Zoiper working on mobile using OpenVpn on PFsense. Anyone successfully able to get this to work? I can hear incoming calls but they can’t hear me and I can’t dial out with normal hangup*

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When I dial in from outside and hit extension it goes straight to vm and from rss logs I get this…


I have exactly that setup working for a long time. Asterisk behind a pfsense box with openvpn, cell phones with openvpn client and zoiper.
Even though this scenario would not be considered as a NAT environment, because the VPN avoids the NAT, zoiper does not work correctly if the extension is set to NAT=no, so you need to set it to NAT=yes, otherwise you have the one way audio issue. Make sure that you also add the VPN network to the local networks on the SIP settings page.

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Thanks tried the NAT setting no avail the vpn is in the trusted area of firewall.

Maybe I will reboot FreePBX and see if that makes a difference


You must add the VPN network in the SIP settings page.

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Main Menu -> Advanced Settings -> SIP Settings Page

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Here correct?

And thank you guys for taking the time to help with this issue.


Settings -> Asterisk SIP Settings -> Local Networks. Add an entry for the VPN subnet.

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Thanks guys so much that was it!! I have been fighting this for so long I am so happy. Stewart1, Cynjut, arielgrin I owe you guys a coffee seriously!!

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