Splitting outbound route depending on extension

Hi All,

I am very new to freepbx but have setup a couple of systems in our office over the past 2 months.

However I seem to have hit a brick wall with this issue:

We have a system with 20 extensions. We need extensions 201-219 to be able to dial out on trunks 1-4 and extension 220 to dial out on trunk 5. I would like to keep it simple by using a 9 for outside line on all phones, otherwise people will get confused or will simply use a 9 on ext 220 instead of an alternative.

I have scoured this site but can not seem to come up with anything for version

If anyone has any ideas they would be very much appreciated.


Like the poster above, I simply want a particular extension/handset to dial out via a particular trunk.
I see how to do that using this module. However, the module also requires me to make a plethora of allow/deny decisions on all kinds of functionality that I don’t usually need to understand when creating extensions, trunks & routes with FreePBX. If all I want is for extension ‘X’ to act as it always has, but use trunk ‘Y’ for outbound calls, should I be leaving all those config options to deny/priority 50, and then allow that particular route? Or should I be defaulting to allowing everything and only denying the routes I don’t want it to use?


It works in 2.51 im also new to freebpx and i hav been plaing around with it… and it seems to do whot i whot it to do

thanks for the input. will this work with version 2.4 ?


yes customcontexts works for versions up to 2.5.1

thanks all for your input I shall give this a go and let you know how i get on!

thanks again

thank guys,

I have installed this but does anyone have any idea how to get this setup?

I simply want to put all extensions apart from one to go out on trunks 1-4 and one extension to go out on trunk 5 (all using 9 for o/s line)

I shall have another play now, but if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be very much appreciated!


sorted it, sorry i was looking at the bit in the tools menu… this works a treat !!

thanks again guys