Split incoming and outgoing IP for SIP trunks

I’m using a recent version (Asterisk version 11.11 and the latest FreePBX updates online). I’m using a VOIP provider that uses IP authentication for incoming and outgoing. This has been working fine for several years. Previously, their trunks all allowed “type=friend” configuration with incoming and outgoing traffic going to the same IP address. Recently, the changed their outgoing server address (incoming DID to me) for their trunks and they aren’t going to have incoming traffic (outgoing from me) allowed through that address. Like I said, I’ve been using a “type=friend” for the trunks before now, but since this new address is no longer going to accept calls from my system, should I change the type to “type=user”? Also, since I’m not using this trunk for outgoing calls, should I reconfigure the trunk to use “Incoming Settings” only, or should I just leave it the way it is and just not route outgoing traffic to that trunk?