Speicify codec S500?

Is there anyway to specify which codec for the s500 to use? We have some phones using codec X and we want the s500 to use Y. Cant seem to do this with Freepbx as changing the codec order on Freepbx changes the order for everything.

Any codec choice you make might be overridden by the abilities of the endpoint you are connecting to there must be a mutually acceptable codec and you must have your priorities ordered on both ends . To see why enable sip debugging and watch a call.

Change it in the extension page for the extension and rebuild and push phone config and it should now use the codecs you defined in the extension.

We set the order in the SIP settings, but it seems to be ignoring it for the s500. Our s500 also was ignoring the NTP servers so we had to set these manually to have accurate timing.

You have something wrong than on your setup.

G729 seems to have issues with ques, cant pickup as a member of the que

Do you have licensed G729 on asterisk as you have to buy licenses for G729 from Digium for use with Asterisk

Haven’t messed with g729 licenses at all. Looking into it now.

I got 2 licenses and got some progress. I can pick up from a que using g729 but no audio.

No clue on that. You would need to get pcaps from the PBX and phone to see what’s going on.

Got a link to using the pcaps from the s500? I cant seem to find any documentation about it. I messed with the pcap setting on the phone but I did not see any results come out of doing it.

Packet Captures (or pcaps) are usually done through a third-party program like tcpdump or wireshark.

Thats what I’m doing now port mirroring from the switch. Just wasnt sure if it was easier using the pcap feature from the phone but havent seen anything online about it.

I’m pretty sure it might be convenient, but I don’t think you’ll find it any easier. Wireshark is a pretty well-understood and documented method for doing this. You’re more likely to get result we can interpret if you stick with tools that translate across several technologies.

The issue was that the phones/freepbx was going to an external address of the server so we had to widen the internal address setting of freepbx from a /24 to a /16 which did the trick. Now to figure out transcoding.