Speeding up UCP

We are using FreePBX 13.

The UCP is very slow.

Looking at the usage statistics (CPU etc) I see no problem. What can I do to speed this up? New computer? Faster hard drive?


Maybe I should clarify: We are using UCP for SipStation SMS, but it is slow in general.

(Test done on internal network, firewall disabled)

3 seconds to login screen
50 seconds from login to home

Is it only the home screen that lags? If so, it is probably waiting for the RSS feeds to display. You can disable them in Advanced Settings.


System RSS and UCP RSS fields are empty.

Everything else is quite quick, only getting to the home page takes so much time that most users give up.

So there is something preventing your PBX from reaching the RSS feeds, probably at your router/firewall. Disabling the feeds will resolve the timeout delay.

But how do you disable?

No RSS links are in the fields in the settings!

FreePBX 15 is soon being released in stable version, so no much hope that if there’s a bug in UCP 13 to be fixed.

Try opening the developer option in your browser and see what it is trying to load

And you believe the UCP module was changed?

There is nothing special the browser tries to load.

I enter myfreepbxip:port and it takes 50-70 seconds to get a response.

It is about 5 seconds to get a response on the admin port.

UCP 14 was completely re-written

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Just a little different :stuck_out_tongue:

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So you would recomend upgrading to 14?

Is there a way to fnd out if any routine is missing in 14?

Is there some announcement I’ve missed? If so where is it?

Point was about bugs in ver. 13

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