Speeddial entries keep blinking on Polycom 650 like BLF

Using Endpoint Manager, a user has access to their Device Management settings in their UCP. They have an extension module on their phone (one of those sideboards with extra line buttons) where they have configured BLF extensions. There are a few speeddial entries there.

Problem is that the speeddial entries keep flashing as if they were BLF entries whose lines were being used. The buttons work just fine, but how do I get them to stop flashing?

Okay, so, on the phone I formatted the file system. That loaded the epm’s device settings (although), and the speeddials stopped flashing, but now the phone is missing two of the BLF entries. I’ve configured 4 of them in UCP’s Device Manager, but two of them are missing - they are just skipped; I can’t figure out why. Also, I don’t see any directory-maxxxx.xml file in the tftpboot folder for that extension.

Ah, fixed that too. Apparently, if you enter the same extension for two entries, one of them gets skipped.

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