Speed Dial

I have just added a speed dial using 2 as the number on my phone. it works fine but when I try to enter the second entry using 3 it will not take it and when I dial *03 it gives me a dial tone.

I’m undier the impression you just go to the phone book place your entry then dial and place your entry via *75 and your good to go. AM I wrong about this? Or if there are intructions can someone point me in the right dereccion, thanks.

Thanks you.

When you try to add the 3 speeddial entry, is there any warning message from FreePbx?

Do you happen to have the *03 code assigned to some other feature? Check the features code map.

Which type of phone are you using? Is *03 perhaps a standard function code for that phone?

If you go to the Asterisk CLI and dial *03 on the phone, what messages do you see scrolling by?

Thank you Sir. Yes, for some reason number three in the phone will not work.